Sunday, 5 June 2016

Property Owners, We Just Transformed You.

For property owners, the ordeal does not end after they buy a property. Another one begins as soon as they decide to either re-sell it or rent it out. We, at RealtyXperts, have realized this pain of property owners early on. After all, we are the preferred destination for property owners and have maximum number of owner listings compared to our competitors ;). So, we have come up with a solution that will help property owners to quickly list their properties on our platform and meet potential property seekers quickly.In our latest release, we have redesigned the entire owner experience of listing a property. The redesign will make the listing process quick, efficient, and easy. As a property owner, you just have to follow a simple four-step process and provide property details that we request. Your listing will be live on within a couple of hours.
Login and Basic Information: The first step is to identify yourself so that seekers know whom to contact. You can either create an account for yourself in RealtyXperts or user your existing Facebook, Google, or Yahoo logins to identify yourself. Make sure you verify your mobile phone number. This is to ensure you have entered your mobile phone number correctly and the seekers can speak with you. Once you are logged in, you may need to provide certain additional details about your property such as city, type of property, and for sale or for rent. These details help us to guide you through the next steps.

Locality: Property seekers generally search for a property in and around a particular locality. To be able to display your property to relevant property seekers, we need to know where your property is exactly located. Therefore, we ask you to provide the complete locality details of your property. This includes the complete address, locality name, project name, and geo code of your property. Geo code is important because most property seekers use Google Maps to locate a property.

Property Images: The most frequently requested details about a property are its images. Before looking at other features of a property, property seekers want to know how it looks. They want to know how the hall, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and other facilities available look like as of today. Therefore, we have made our search algorithm in such way that it shows up the listings with images more often than the listings without images.
Property Details: We ask you to provide property details such as how many bedroom, bathroom and balconies your property has, the size of your property, price and other terms and conditions if any. The information we ask is based on our research on seekers to identify what exactly they are looking when they are either buying a property or looking to rent a property.

Apart from the basic details that you provided above, we allow you to enter additional details that helps your listing stand out and attract exactly the kind of seeker that you want for your property. From the owner dashboard, you can edit the listings you have posted and provide additional details such as if the property is furnished, what direction it is facing, does it have parking space and other amenities within the property, and so on.


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